Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sheet metal

It looks like riding season is almost over for most of us.  I say most of us 'cause Mr. Double J usually rides well into the fall.  As long as it's not snowing or chances of ice patches he''ll be out there. 

Mr G and I are putting the bikes to bed.  With that said, it gets hard not to work on the winter project. 

I've hammered out a rough shape for the fairing I'm attempting.   This might end up in the recycle pile but I have to give it a try..  I'm always memorized by watching those bike building TV shows  (not the one with the family father son soap opera),  especially when they hammer out custom tins.

This is the rough draft,

Not bad for now.  I might want more height.

The brackets for the headlamps and the fairing have to be figured out.  I still have half a day to kill so we'll see.

As I've mentioned before, copper is super expensive but really cool.  I've pilfered some of the housed plumbing and made a couple of tags to go where the Honda emblem goes on the engine.

Now don't worry, nothing is leaking.  I have some extra from a bathroom that was removed from the basement.  That thing was nasty.  The previous residents where real bad do it yourselfers.  I have tongue and grove flooring as strapping on the basement ceilings and only one phone line that works 'cause they put in an alarm system that they took with them, along with the phone cables.  

Sorry, I digress.

I got a set of stamps at Lee Valley Tools.  I love that place.  With a little cutting, hammering, and stamping I ended up with this.

Not bad. 

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